Network "Jüdische Geschichte digital“

The network "Jüdische Geschichte digital" was created as part of the much larger working group "Digital History“ and aims at providing a platform for scholars around the world to exchange information on developments in the field of digital Jewish history: Thus, the network wants to present the high potential digitization holds in hands for Jewish history, for example the possibility to virtually reunite source material scattered throughout the world; at the same time the network also encourages discussions on specific challenges, which digitization projects in Jewish History are facing, such as the multilingualism and multiscriptual nature of the sources.

The idea for such a network originated at the conference "Jüdische Geschichte Digital", which took place from June 13 to 14, 2013 at the Institute for the History of German Jews in Hamburg.  Various digitization projects in the field of German-Jewish history were presented and provided an insight into the multitude and variety of existing services and projects. However, a great need for establishing a network, which could offer a platform for discussions and offer opportunities to present different projects became obvious during this conference.

The network is an open and informal association that all interested parties can join. It would like to encourage discussions on professional challenges and peculiarities of German-Jewish history and at the same time draw attention to new digital projects.

For announcements and discussions, the blog of the AG Digitale Geschichtswerkstatt
( can be used. There a sub-section is supervised by the network.

All members of the "Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschland e.V. " can join the network by applying for membership in the working group "Digitale Geschichtswissenschaft“.

For further information please contact Dr. Anna Menny (Tel.: 040/42838-4060, anna.menny[at]