The Working Group on Digital History, convened under the auspices of the German Association of Historians (Verband der Historiker und Historikerinnen Deutschlands e.V.), aims to promote academic discussion, university-level teaching and the careers of young researchers in the field of digital history, and to represent the interests of this relatively new specialism within academia and to policymakers and the wider public. (>> go to Who we are and what we do) The Working Group does not view itself as a formation of experts, but rather aims to provide an open forum for the discussion of the challenges posed by digital methods and resources and of their potential use to academic history, in order to make this potential visible within and beyond the field. We seek to act as a platform for academic contacts and discussion for all historians interested in digital history, whether they are working in higher education or non-university institutes. (>> go to How we work)

The Working Group on Digital History was founded at the Association’s forty-ninth conference (Historikertag). Among its founder members are historians working at universities, non-university research institutions such as the Leibniz Association, and libraries, archives, museums and publishing houses. The Working Group is headed by a managing committee whose task is to coordinate the group’s work and disseminate information on its activities.

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