The Working Group on Digital History seeks to provide an open forum whose aim is to assess the entire spectrum of the challenges posed by digital methods and resources within the academic discipline of history and to harness, promote and visualise their potential. Further, the Working Group’s mission is to improve academic networks and discussion among all historians interested in digital history and to identify innovative developments and potential sources of support nationally and internationally. At the same time, we hope to raise awareness of challenges and unresolved issues such as those around copyright and open-access content and structural support for digital resources, and represent the interests of this specialism to a range of stakeholders and institutions.

While the work of the group is part of the broader context of the digital humanities, our mission and activities are derived from the interests and issues particular to history as an academic discipline. As Europe’s largest academic association within the humanities and cultural studies, the German Association of Historians sees its key purpose as ensuring the discipline performs to its full potential and secures its long-term future by promoting its interests and advocating for an appropriate provision of resources to historical research; the Association seeks to achieve this purpose by means of both this Working Group, whose activities are driven by its members, and a sub-committee founded to support this specialism within history. The Working Group is also open to representatives of other disciplines whose research extends into the field of history; we would be pleased to embark upon cooperation projects where appropriate.