Early Modern Statehood and Society in the Ukrainian Lands: Forms and Concepts – Call for Papers

30. März 2023

The German-Ukrainian Historical Commission organizes together with the German Historical Institute Warsaw her eighth annual conference, titled „Early Modern Statehood and Society in the Ukrainian Lands: Forms and Concepts“, which will take place 10-12 September in Warsaw.

Following topics will be tackled by the conference: The roles that Ukrainian regions played in processes of cultural entanglements and early modern state formation in the various contexts which included Ukrainian lands between 1569 and 1795; reflection on the concepts of statehood, starting from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Russian and Ottoman empires through regional and local polities; the character of the Cossack polity as a state or an association of nobles in a comparative perspective; finally, the question of society – or rather societies – as an analytical tool to understand early modern Ukraine.

We invite submissions that address the topics mentioned above and place the Ukrainian cases into a broader comparative context of early modern formation of political orders, institutions and societies in East-Central Europe and beyond. We encourage contributions with an emphasis on historical semantics and cultural entanglements.